The difference between F1 and F2 battery terminals is their width. F1 terminals are 0.187 inches wide, while F2 terminals are 0.250 inches wide. This means that F2 terminals are 1/16 inch wider than F1 terminals.

Other than their width, F1 and F2 terminals are identical. They are both flat, blade-type terminals that are typically used on sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. SLA batteries are commonly used in a variety of applications, including UPS systems, medical mobility wheelchairs, ride-on toys, and scooters.

F1 terminals are more commonly used on general-purpose batteries, while F2 terminals are more commonly used on high-rate discharge batteries. This is because F2 terminals are able to handle higher currents.

If you need to connect an F1 terminal to an F2 terminal, or vice versa, there are adapters available that can be used.